50th Anniversary Gala

It's the Museum's 50th Anniversary!

Please join us from 6-8pm on November 14th, 2019 for tours, refreshments, the unveiling of a newly donated item, and official re-opening of the Malmaison Room.

Ticket price is $25.

The Museum of the Mississippi Delta, formerly known and still affectionately referred to as Cottonlandia, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Founded by a group of people interested in stimulating interest and appreciation of the history and archaeology of Leflore and Carroll counties and the state of Mississippi, Cottonlandia Educational and Recreational Foundation was incorporated on October 10, 1969. For the past 50 years, under the direction of a Board of Directors and Executive Directors, staff and volunteers, the Museum continues to strive for excellence. By purchasing a ticket to the 50th Anniversary Party, you won’t just be attending another fabulous event, but from your donation, the Museum will be able to continue to work on maintaining and interpreting the thousands of object in its historical, archaeological and art collections. We need your help!

In addition, there will be an unveiling of some very special artifacts recently donated to the Museum.

A grand re-opening of the new interpretation of the room dedicated to Greenwood Leflore.

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