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The Museum of the Mississippi Delta is where your discovery of the Delta begins. We focus on the five "A's": art, archaeology, agriculture, antiques and animals.

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Summer Discovery


Summer Discovery is the name for our popular summer educational program that allows students ages 4-12 to take classes on a wide variety of topics.

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The Museum's gallery space is regularly booked two years in advance and highlights Mississippi artists with particular emphasis on artists of the Delta.

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Welcome to The Museum of the Mississippi Delta. Since our museum is about so much more than cotton, our Board of Directors made the decision to change our name from 'Cottonlandia Museum' to 'The Museum of the Mississippi Delta'! Mississippi artwork combines with history - local, military, and agricultural - along with an immense collection of Native American artifacts to create a museum that has something for everyone to enjoy. This is where your discovery of the Delta begins. 

Southern CrossroadsSouthern Crossroads:  Perspectives of the Tribe
July 30 - October 30, 2015
The Museum of the Mississippi Delta is proud to present, Southern Crossroads: Perspective of the Tribe.
The exhibition presents four female artists; Carlie Handwerker Casio, Miki McCurdy, Amy Clolinger O’Bryant and Cameron Knight Watson. These women all have roots in the Mississippi Delta. Because of the long history among these women, a tribal mentality exists within this group. This cohesiveness resulted in a sense of community spirit and a similar, albeit distinctive, view of the Mississippi Delta, a place they all call home. This “tie to place” is the Mississippi Delta. This special place binds people together and intertwines lives. These women are fortunate to have a strong creative side that takes them on separate journeys that end up in the same place.  The artwork ranges from mixed-media, photography and acrylic paintings. We celebrate their journey as well as their art.


Jim Lucas, PhotographerJim Lucas Civil Rights Photography Exhibt
August 25 - October 13

This exhibit is the first public showing of Jim Lucas’ still photographs from over 50,000 images in the James Lucas Estate collection.

From the age of 14, Jim Lucas took photographs for the Jackson Daily News and the Northside Reporter, and while a student in 1964 at Millsaps College in Jackson, MS, Lucas pursued his dream of photojournalism.

With the disappearance of three young civil rights workers in 1964, CBS News hired Lucas as a runner with the crews in Philadelphia, Meridian and Jackson during the search for Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney.

Followed in the night, threatened with “having his butt whipped,” and his car tag number taken by the highway patrol, Jim and the news crews were no more welcome in Mississippi than civil rights volunteers!

Jim Lucas covered local marches, pickets, planning meetings, and bombings through 1968. He memorialized these historical events as a stringer for United Press International News Agency (UPI) and TIME and LIFE magazines.

Drafted in 1968, Jim served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps at Ft. Monmouth, NJ, and in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, shooting non-combat motion picture footage. He was distinguished by the Department of Defense as the Military Newsfilm Motion Picture Photographer of the Year in 1969.

Returning to Jackson, he pursued a film career in sports, news documentary, commercials and motion pictures, working on films such as “Brubaker,” “The Border,” “The Long Riders,” “Honeysuckle Rose,” and “Escape from New York.” Lucas was becoming known in the industry for his technical ability. While on location for the Willie Nelson film “Barbarosa” in 1980, he died in a fatal automobile accident.

This exhibit—created by Jane Hearn, Lucas’ wife at the time of his death, and Red Morgan, a photojournalist and commercial still photographer—pays tribute to a passionate and skillful young photographer who grasped the significance of the events around him and conveyed his point of view in sensitive visual language.




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